For a while I was primarily running indoors on a treadmill in my basement. I’ve since discovered running outside.

You may be asking, what is Zwift? It’s a game where you hook up a sensors on a stationary bike or a treadmill and you bike or run around a virtual world in 3rd person. You can pick different maps and there are other people on the courses that you can chat with. Although it’s hard to chat when running. But there is a thumbs up button you can bang on when you see people. It was more fun than just looking at the treadmill screen with numbers on it.

I have a pretty neat little Zwift setup:

  • I have a treadmill (Sole F80 from 2016).
  • I have a TV stand and a cheap TV from amazon and mounted the TV on the stand in front of the treadmill
  • I hooked an Apple TV up to the TV and I run the Zwift app on (it shows you running in 3rd person and there are other people running/biking that you can see and chat with if you care – chatting is pretty hard while running though hehe)
  • At first I was using a Zwift Pod ( little $30 thing that clips onto your shoe so that zwift knows how fast you’re going)
  • It was fine, but after a while, I got tired of the accuracy and bought a fancy Stryd pod (same deal, it clips onto one of your shoes in the laces and broadcasts cadence/speed/power/etc) – which still works and I’ve had it for years

One time in 2020, I ran a marathon on Zwift using this setup.

Craig at FixingFitness helps me out with maintenance on the treadmill itself from time to time. Highly recommended – Great Treadmill Repair/maintenance service.