I love running. I’ve been coming back from an injury recently. This will probably get broken up into separate pages as I write more, but let’s get started. Some of this will be half baked and is meant to be filled in over time.


  • Create a page about injury stuff
  • Reduce file size of images

Who Cares ?

Nobody! But, it’s the internet, so probably some of the info will be helpful to someone at some point. Or not, but blogs are really written for yourself. This is not a bragging thing. Just like "There’s always a guy with a bigger boat", there’s always someone out there doing your long run or more as daily mileage. There’s always someone faster, that runs farther, gets more vert, and does more epic adventures. The way I look at it, it’s great that anyone is out there moving around. I get inspired by people doing crazy stuff.


Did it really happen if it wasn’t on Strava? (joking…personally I like to record everything, but I totally understand that some folks aren’t into it – and that’s ok!)

Here’s my Strava Profile.

I also keep my Strava Training Log public (its a tire fire right now, but hey, gotta keep moving).

I have some routes that I really like that I’ve linked to below as well. When I was getting into trail running, I would’ve been psyched to find a bunch of info about local trails, etc. Over time as I’ve been following more local people that do epic stuff, it’s gotten easier.

Trail Running

I moved the Trail Running stuff to its own page.


Here’s my running calendar (races I’ve done in the past or races that I’m signed up for in the future).


Here’s my events page – this is for more general info about each race/event – stuff that doesn’t belong in the calendar.


I have a neat little Zwift setup.