I have notes about specific past events on my calendar. This is for general info about events/races and links to other people’s calendars. Not sure if it makes sense to split it up like this, but the calendar is for specific past and future events that. I’ll probably link in between em so its easy to navigate.

Most of these are trail running events cause that’s what I’ve really gotten into recently.

Links to other sites with event info and lists

New England Area Race Calendars:

Events I’ve attempted at least once

I’ve done these at least once (and will probably do again).

Ghost Train Rail Trail Race


This is a special race. I need to write more about it. It’s a 15 mile out and back (7 ish miles out / 7 ish miles back), so you’re constantly seeing people. The vibe is incredible. Everyone pitches tents up and down the strip by the start. There’s an aid station at camp Tevya with the start/finish, in the middle (powerlines) and at the Milford DPW. So you’re never more than a couple miles from an aid station. A lot of people dress up because it’s near halloween. It’s flat and easy with a little hill section on the way to Milford. For the 30 hour, anything over 30 miles is a finish, so kind of a choose your own adventure. It’s the perfect setup to see how far you can go. I can’t wait to get better and do it again.

Womp Romp


This race rules and is very close to me. I ran it in the 2nd year. I went to one of the group runs and had a great time (they do these regularly, definitely check em out – details in the facebook group). I missed the 3rd year, but I should be back in business by 2024. Matt and Rob are super nice. I hadn’t discovered Cultra when I ran it, but I now appreciate the Cultra connection to this race. I know its silly to talk about race swag, but the long sleeve tech tee is awesome, I wear it a lot.

TARCtic Frozen Yeti

TARCtic Frozen Yeti

I haven’t finished this yet, but eventually one of these years I will!

TARC Spring Classic – Weston, MA

Dave’s video about the TARC Spring Classic

TARC Summer Classic – Medfield, MA

TARC Summer Classic

TARCkey Trot – Winchester, MA

TARCkey Trot
Dave’s video about the TARCkey Trot

Events I haven’t tried yet

These aren’t on my calendar, but are events I’ve heard about and would like to do.

TARC Stone Cat Trail Festival – Ipswich, MA

TARC Stone Cat Trail Festival

This race was put on by G.A.C until 2022 when the torch was passed to TARC to preserve this classic event. Greg’s video is from the G.A.C era of Stone Cat.

TARC Wapack and Back – Ashburnham, MA

TARC Wapack and Back
Dave’s got a couple videos about the Wapack and Back Also this one Wapack and Back

TARC Winter Classic – Stoneham, MA

TARC Winter Classic
Dave’s video about the TARC Winter Classic Also this one TARC Winter Classic

TARC Fall Classic – Carslisle, MA

TARC Fall Classic
Dave’s video about the TARC Fall Classic

Notchview Ultra – Windsor, MA

A BURCs race
NotchView Ultra on UltraSignup

The Hamsterwheel – New Boston, NH

The Hamsterwheel on UltraSignup

Anchor Down Ultra – Bristol, RI

Anchor Down Ultra

Watuppa Trail Races – Fall River, MA

Watuppa Trail Races on UltraSignup

The Village Ultra – Salem, MA

MetroWest Backyard Ultra – Needham, MA

MetroWest Backyard Ultra by Needham running club

Last Human Standing – West Greenich, RI

Last Human Standing
Last Human Standing on UltraSignup

Seth’s video about Last Human Standing.

Vermont 50

Vermont 50
Gary mentioned this to me at the TARC Summer Classic. It’s really family friendly, lots of things for people to do. You can camp there, etc. I’ve heard it’s really popular on the mountain biking side and that event sells out crazy fast.

Vermont 100 – Windsor, VT

Vermont 100

Dave’s video about finishing the Vermont 100 Dave’s video about DNF’ing the Vermont 100.

This is probably the oldest and most notable 100 miler in New England. TARC runs the Camp Ten Bear aid station at this event.

Chesterfield Gorge Ultra – Chesterfield, MA

Chesterfield Gorge Ultra

Dave’s video about Chesterfield Gorge Ultra. Also this one – Chesterfield Gorge Ultra.

Millinocket Marathon – Millinocket, ME

Millinocket Marathon

I heard about this on a group run – I think it was Mary B talking about it at one of the Womp Romp group runs. The Millinocket Marathon is a pretty great story. Sort of like a Maine version of the Leadville 100 story. A town that kind of lost its way economically…and someone decides to setup a cool race there to bring people in to help out the town. And it’s a great success, the race brings in a ton of money for local business and it sounds amazing – it’s a huge family event, there’s all kinds of great stuff to do.