I’m prioritizing recovery right now. My goal is to hit 100 at Ghost Train in October 2024.

I made an events page for general event info and links to people’s calendars.

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Misc historical results:

  • my UltraSignup results.
  • I don’t know how many people actually use Athlinks, but here’s my Athlinks Profile site. I found and claimed a bunch of random results from when I used to run road 5k’s in Cambridge.


? TARC Winter Classic 2024 ?


? TARCkey Trot 2024 ?


? TARC Stone Cat Trail Festival 2024 ?


? Womp Romp 2024 ?

Tentative date: 2024-10-26

? Ghost Train 2024 ?

2024-10-19 .. 2024-10-20
Ghost Train Rail Trail Race
Ghost Train Rail Trail Race on UltraSignup
Note: registration opens 2024-01-27.

? TARC Fall Classic 2024 ?

Note: Registration opens spring 2024.

? TARC Summer Classic 2024 ?

Note: registration not open yet.

? TARC Spring Classic 2024 ?

Note: registration opens 2024-01.

TARC To Hale and Back 2024

TARC To Hale and back
TARC to Hale and back on runreg

Lizzie is gonna do this one with me 🙂


Womp Romp 2023 – DNS

Womp Romp

I pulled out of this due to to an injury.

TARC Ghost Train Rail Trail 2023 – DNS

Ghost Train Rail Trail Race

I pulled out of this due to to an injury.

TARC Fall Classic 2023 50M – DNS

TARC Fall Classic

I pulled out of this due to to an injury.

TARC Blue Hills 12K 2023 – DNS

TARC Blue Hills Skyline Trail Run

I pulled out of this due to an injury. On father’s day I was previewing the course and pushed really hard. I was feeling good but when I stopped at the end I realized I couldn’t walk heh. This was a blessing in disguise because in the months that followed I finally got to the bottom of my foot numbness issues.

TARC Spring Classic 50k 2023

TARC Spring Classic
Strava Link

Saw Gary before the race. Briefly said hi to Dave D (Chase the summit!) before the race – I was rocking my CTS hat :). I met Matt (summited Denali!) and Chris from somerville. Shared almost a whole loop with with Dan B. I was having foot numbness/pain issues that would temporarily subside when I slowed down a little bit every few miles. I almost dropped before the last loop, but after laying around for a few minutes, the right words from the aid station folks and some coca-cola I got back out there. I hung with Matt H and Julie W afterwards at the finish cheering people in. Woah, I didn’t realize I was only 3 off from DFL.


Duxbury Half Marathon 2023

Duxbury Half Marathon
Strava Link

TARC to Hale and Back 2023

TARC to Hale and Back
Strava Link

Good vibes. Talked to Matt H before the race a bit. Shared a few loops with Rob F. I saw Emily super briefly. I packed it in a bit early because my foot was being weird.

TARC Frozen Yeti 2023 – DNF

TARCtic Frozen Yeti
Strava Link

Knee was doing better, but I wasn’t trained up enough for this one again. Really fun super cold weather this year. I did 1 loop and then dropped. again haha. One of these years I’m going to finish.


There was also some neat mainstream media coverage for this year because of the weather:


TARC Winter Classic 2022 – DNS

TARC Winter Classic

I was having some knee issues around this time and decided to pull out before the race. I did the Skyline loop at the Fells a few times in weekends before hand..and realized I wasn’t going to be able to get through enough loops in one day to finish.

TARCkey Trot 2022

TARCkey Trot
Strava Link

Shared some miles with Rob F.

Womp Romp 2022

Womp Romp
Strava Link

This one was awesome too. It’s at Wompatuck in hingham, so it’s very close to me. I talked to Matt the race director a bit before the race. Talked to Mitch. Shared some miles with Emily and John. Hung out with Russ and Mike after.


TARC Ghost Train Rail Trail 2022

Ghost Train Rail Trail Race
Strava Link

I need to write more about this one – what a great race. Shared miles with Jim L, Chris and Mel. And tons more people. I was feeling strong at 45 (that’s my distance pr for now), but then I made stupid excuses to pack it in. I realized I forgot a sleeping I was imagining crapping out later in the race and then trying to stay warm in my tent with a towel that I had in my car, haha. I saw Gary briefly at the beginning and when I came back the next afternoon to break down my tent.



TARC Fall Classic 2022 – DNS

TARC Fall Classic

I had to pull out of this one because of some work that couldn’t be rescheduled.

TARC Summer Classic 2022

TARC Summer Classic
Strava Link

This the first official Ultra I finished – very very slow – I finished back of the pack – nearly DFL with the 50 mile folks hehe. I shared some miles with Dan B and Gary R. Super hot day, I didn’t think I was going to make it. Gary was awesome and hung with me during my low point of the race.


Dux Half Marathon 2022

Duxbury Half Marathon
Strava Link

TARC to Hale and Back 2022

TARC to Hale and Back
Strava Link

I shared a few miles with Rob F. I had a great conversation on the walk back to the car with ..possibly Johanna.

TARCtic Frozen Yeti 2022 – DNF

TARCtic Frozen Yeti

This was the first Ultra I signed up for – it didn’t go my way haha, I DNF’d after a loop. And I’m pretty sure I messed up a turn on that loop because I came up a mile short.


Personal Project 12/2021

Strava Link

Mostly Trail 50km – 2 x 15 mile loops using my house as an aid station (Bogs, BCT, Round Pond, North Hill Marsh). This was my first time doing an "Ultra" distance. I ended up doing the last 8 miles on roads cause I was inexperienced running on trails at night.


Treadmill Marathon 10/2020

Strava Link

I was supposed to run my first Marathon at the MCM 2020 with some friends. I was training mostly on my treadmill with Zwift (following the Hal Higdon Novice Marathon plan). The race was cancelled because of covid. I was really enjoying running and kept to my training schedule and decided to run it on my treadmill the same day as the race would’ve been. I’ve still never done an official marathon race.